Supporting St Marys

Supporting St. Mary Oatlands

For 150 years, generations past who have worshipped and shared the friendly atmosphere of our lovely church have generously donated the necessary funds to maintain the fabric of the building, the church hall and the grounds.  It is equally true today, and present worshippers generously contribute to our financial needs, often more demanding than in time past. New donors are, however, always welcome.                                   

The preferred method is through the gift aid scheme by making regular standing order payments, on which the church is able to claim an additional sum from the tax authorities, where the donor is a UK tax payer.

This benefit can also apply to one-off donations, however small and however infrequent.  Donations of this kind are always appreciated and provide an opportunity to those who visit the church on a limited number of occasions to demonstrate in a most practical way their support to the on-going mission of St. Mary Oatlands.

Another important source of income is through gifts in wills. Making provision in your will for a gift to St. Mary Oatlands is a lasting way in which you can contribute to the ministry of the church in this area.

If you require details of the gift aid scheme,  would like to make a donation, or are thinking of making provision in your will of a gift to the church, please contact the Parish Office (01932 231274) who will always be pleased to make arrangements to provide the information you require.




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