Family Praise


11.30am for 11.45am



Services take place in the church with families sitting on chairs at the front as well as in the pews. All ages from the oldest to the youngest are invited and everyone is encouraged to take an active part in all aspects of the service – hymns, songs, prayers and a bible story which is acted out by volunteers, children and adults, who are usually “dressed up” in some way – tea-towels are a popular form of head-dress!

Towards the end of the service one of the church candles is lit and children and adults are invited to offer a prayer either silent or audible, as they blow the candle out.   Blowing out the candle has proved to be very popular with the youngest attendees!!  After the service the children are invited to take part in a simple practical corporate activity which is recorded in our special Family Praise memories book e.g. finger prints, sticking apples on the tree of life.


First Sunday in the Month

11.30 for 11.45am in the Church

Please come and join us!

No-one’s too young and no-one’s too old!!

We are FAMILY!


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